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Domes Zeen Facilities

Unwind in style at Domes Zeen with an abundance of facilities for all the family. Indulge in the blissful confines of the beachfront Jungle Spa, take a dip in the pool overlooking the sea or simply relax in your luxury accommodation. Kids meanwhile can clock up fun times in the impressive Kids Club.

The Jungle Spa

The Jungle Spa is an open-aired temple of wellness, beauty and balance with a tantalising menu of state-of-the-art treatments for face and body, inspired by timeless traditions. Treat yourself to an energy massage, toning massage or stone therapy treatment in the hands of skilled therapists. There’s also hand and foot care and beauty rituals.

The Jungle Spa at Domes Zeen


Domes Zeen is a family-friendly resort designed to create unforgettable memories for children. In the tropical garden setting yurts and Bedouin inspired teepes are dotted around, there’s also a treehouse in this fairytale land kids will love. Play areas, a pool, private beach where they can spend hours splashing about in the warm sea and educational play activities complete the picture of this dreamy Neverland setting.

Kids Pool at Domes Zeen

Kids Club

The Kids Club is supervised by a Montessori inspired, highly creative, qualified OFSTED team that will help children evolve into cultured, purpose driven, sociable beings. Curated family activities are destined to create collective memories for the future. The Kids Club is the perfect spot to let loose, make new friends and spend endless hours of play.

Kids Club at Domes Zeen

Domes KiEpos for Kids

Α great green world awaits to be discovered at Domes KiEpos. The KiEpos (Greek Garden) has been created to help nurture eco-concious youngsters with lessons on Gardening, Healthy Eating and Eco responsibility. The fresh vegetable garden is where children can experience home-grown produce first hand and an abundance of herbs and flowers of which they can plant their own during their stay. This hands-on sensory experience is a fun but educational way of learning the importance of sustainability, eco-responsibility and healthy eating.

Domes KiEpos for Kids

Each plant will be labelled with the name of the little gardener who tended to it, so that after their departure they can expect an email with photos, to show at school, of how much their plant has grown!

Immersive Experiences

Immersive Experiences curated by local experts are all part of the Domes Zeen experience, providing endless opportunities for adventure, artisanal craft workshops and discovery of the wonders of Crete and of Greece and the authentic side of Mediterranean living.

Wine and Olive Oil Tasting (April to October)

Exclusive wine and olive oil tasting experiences include the wines and olive oils from the island’s most select winemakers and olive oil producers.

Ceramics Workshops (April to October)

Hands-on ceramic studio workshops, with guidance and tuition provided by expert ceramics professionals.

Gorges Hiking Tours (April to October)

Excursions to the Samaria Gorge and other truly unique Gorges Hiking tours give an up close, birds-eye view of the island’s truly outstanding natural beauty.

Chania Old Town Tours

Guided walking tours of the fascinating old town with experienced tour guides. An excellent way of exploring this unique destination.