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Ikos Dassia Location

On Corfu's east coast, Ikos Dassia is located in the small village of Dassia, less than fifteen kilometers from the beautiful capital of Corfu Town, between the charming villages of Ipsos and Gouvia. Dassia is a low-key and family-friendly village, framed by scented pine woods behind, and it offers very nice cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Nightlife & Entertainment in Dassia

Evenings in Dassia are mostly quiet, offering relaxed and friendly atmosphere. There are no loud nightclubs and bars, and most of the nighttime entertainment is focused on the local tavernas. However, the lively village of Ipsos is just over a kilometer away from Dassia and is a top place for those people seeking quality nighttime entertainment. Besides tavernas, Dassia also has many small eateries offering local and Mediterranean dishes. There are a few bars where you can sip cocktails and other refreshments, and during summer period there are often karaoke and music nights organized for the visitors.

Ipsos near Ikos Dassia Hotel

Ikos Dassia Beaches

The main beach at Ikos Dassia is a few hundred meters long and awarded with a Blue Flag for quality. It is mostly made of small pebbles and shingle, turning into sand as you enter the shallow waters. The olive trees behind the beach provide good shade from the hot sun, while you can also cool off by trying large number of water sports at the jetty. From the jetty you can also go on daily excursions and boat tours to nearby beaches, or you can hire a boat and explore Corfu`s eastern coastline by yourself. Near the end of the beach there are some small bays which offer nice privacy for those that wish to be a bit away from the center of all activities.

The village is pretty small, and most of the shops and local restaurants are located along the road. Evenings are primarily centered on the few tavernas in the village, while during the days you can sunbathe or try some of the many water sport options available.

The location of the Ikos Dassia Hotel

Day Trips

Dassia is ideal place for going on daytrips and exploring the island. There are numerous hidden coves waiting to be explored and there are also many pony treks and hiking trails inland. Popular trips from Dassia include visiting the charming villages of Kontokali and Gouvia, where you can visit some of the oldest Corfu churches or see the ancient Venetian remains. Both places can be quickly reached in less than half an hour and there is one nice marina that separates both villages. Corfu Town is also not very far from Dassia. There is a good public transport going to and from Corfu Town, so take advantage and explore the beautiful capital of Corfu.

Ikos Dassia Map